Accountability Board

Under the MYOBI Code of Conduct GDPR, data is shared and companies are accountable for complying with this code of conduct. MYOBI ensures that companies can set up the accountability process, monitors the accountability cycle and monitors the timeliness and correctness of the processes.

The Accountability Board is the independent supervisor who evaluates the MYOBI GDPR Code of Conduct and ensures that all parties fulfill their roles and responsibilities as intended. The Board consists of expert experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the legal, audit and risk management fields. They provide MYOBI with solicited and unsolicited advice to improve the code of conduct and to be accountable, including the tools that MYOBI provides for this. The Board has sanctioning powers if the code of conduct is not properly observed.

In order to monitor compliance with the code of conduct, the Accountability Board has been given powers to conduct or commission its own investigation. In this way, she can come to her own judgment independently of the customers and MYOBI. For example, the Board may request access to customer files to determine that the maturity level has been correctly established. The Board also assesses the accountability cycle and the processes surrounding it for efficiency and effectiveness.

With this positioning of the Accountability Board, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) has a point of contact to discuss compliance with the GDPR.

Advisory board

MYOBI attaches great importance to the opinion of its users. To this end, MYOBI has set up an Advisory Board in which users can exchange ideas with each other and at least twice a year with the director of MYOBI about improvements to existing applications and the development of new applications.

In this way MYOBI wants to make its services more and more in line with the needs of its users.

The advisory board consists of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 members. The composition of the members must reasonably reflect the different groups of MYOBI users.

MYOBI users who are interested in joining the Advisory Board can register as candidates with the secretary of the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council examines a candidate’s request and assesses whether the candidate’s accession is appropriate in the reflection of the groups of users. The chairman of the Advisory Council informs the candidate of the positive or negative decision. Members are appointed for a five-year term.

MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and ensures that companies and persons maintain control over their company and personal data.