Company-specific learning environment

All users automatically receive a free company-specific learning environment with a number of education and training portfolios. Such as, the trust network, organising accountability, knowledge management and legal operations.

The company-specific learning environment with appropriate education and training portfolios, and effective logistics, offers a company a lot of added value. A company demonstrably manages the education and training of employees.

What are the benefits?

Awareness and knowledge development are necessary preconditions for implementing successful changes in organising business activities more effectively. The extent of the added value depends on the business operations (awareness and desire for adequately organised business activities) and the extent to which the business-specific learning environment is used by the company.

Duthler Academy offers users of MYOBI a company-specific e-learning environment including the logistics and training portfolio. What are the benefits?

A further explanation has been elaborated in a factsheet.
Company-specific e-learning environment

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To be able to use the services, companies will have to register. By becoming a MYOBI user, the company can purchase additional professional services.

Frequently asked questions

You will receive your company-specific learning environment by becoming a user of MYOBI. Press the “register” button.

The MYOBI service desk authenticates your company and a representative, creates a company-specific environment and makes the representative the “Company Administrator” and does the same for the company-specific learning environment. No costs are charged for all this.

If you use your company-specific environment to accept more than three agreements or if you purchase services, MYOBI will charge a license fee for the services.

Duthler Academy charges a customer a user license for using the company-specific learning environment for “own” education and training portfolios. The amount of the license depends on the company size (turnover) and the number of MBs of data used. See the following license table and user licenses.

A company does not pay a license fee if fewer than three agreements have been accepted. The number of users is limited to three. If a customer already uses services such as those of the MYOBI Trust Network or Smart contracting, Duthler Academy will provide a maximum number of user licenses free of charge. If a company needs more user licenses than what is supplied, the company will purchase additional business licenses.

If the staffing capacity is lacking, a company can call on professionals from Duthler Associates to organize the company-specific learning environment aimed at building up the transfer of knowledge and awareness or the targeted support of change processes.

The services of Duthler Academy consist of managing coherent education and training portfolios and delivering effective and proven logistics with which each company sets up and manages its own company-specific learning environment. With a service desk, an education and training portfolio “knowledge management” and professional support, Duthler Academy ensures that a company is able to realize the intended added value.

The education and training portfolio “knowledge management” has been set up from the perspective of business operations and the perspective of the employee. The aim is to offer employees, at different levels of the organisation, the right knowledge at the right time to adequately fulfill their role within the cohesion of a business organisation.

A manager or the DPO takes care of the knowledge management to protect company and personal data. He or she manages the company-specific education and training portfolio, trains the locally deployed privacy officers, operational employees who are responsible for critical processing of personal data and employees for whom a high degree of alertness is required.

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