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Knowledge management is a precondition for business continuity

A lot of knowledge is implicitly present in the minds of employees. Organizing knowledge management requires that the implicit knowledge be made explicit in words, metaphors and symbols.

// Knowledge and change management

Access multiple training programs

Knowledge management is a necessary precondition for guaranteeing business continuity. Much knowledge is implicitly present in the minds of employees. Organising knowledge management requires that the implicit knowledge be made explicit in words, metaphors and symbols.

Business activities change and organising those activities with business processes also change. There is a change management challenge organising business activities

The magnitude of the added value of applying the company-specific learning environment with awareness and training programs depends on the operational management (awareness and desire for adequately organised business activities) and the organisation’s change capacity.

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A further explanation has been elaborated by Duthler Academy in a white paper.

// Knowledge and change management

What are the benefits?

MYOBI has asked Duthler Academy to manage a company-specific corporate learning environment for users of the Trust Network. Every time a company registers, it receives a personalised information ecosystem on the Trust Network and a company-specific learning environment that offers various awareness and training programs. In addition, a company may use the learning environment for its own training programs.

1. Improving business activities:

A company-specific learning environment with generic training programs offers a company the opportunity to organise and further improve business activities effectively and cost-efficiently.

2. Knowledge in all layers of the company

 Employees in different layers of the organisation gain relevant knowledge and experience from the training programs, giving employees a better overview of their work and more mutual understanding.

3. Cost-effective

The costs for the company-specific business environment are primarily discounted in the purchased services.

// Knowledge and change management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is knowledge and change management?

Well-trained employees are critical success factors for effectively organising business activities. Training employees requires explicit knowledge and the willingness of company leadership, management and employees to embrace and implement necessary changes. Duthler Academy focuses knowledge and change management on the effective organisation of business activities. However, this does not alter that a company can also apply knowledge management for other areas. The ADKAR method has inspired Duthler Academy to develop knowledge and change management in a company-specific learning environment and awareness and training programs.

What is the company-specific learning environment?

Duthler Academy, in collaboration with MYOBI and under the TTP policy, offers users of the Trust Network a company-specific learning environment with a cluster of awareness and training programs. As soon as the legal representative receives the company administrator rights for the information ecosystem on the Trust Net Act, the legal representative gets the company administrator rights on the company-specific learning environment. Duthler Academy uses Moodle Workplace technology to create a company-specific learning environment. The parameters are:

  • Department and role structure that enables fine-grained logistics.
  • Modular design for managing the awareness and training programs.
  • Clear dashboard for company management, management and employees.
  • Extensive support from Moodle and the Duthler Academy service desk.
  • Proven IT and high added value/price ratio.
What are the awareness and training programs?

Knowledge is fixed in language, metaphors and symbols. Implicit knowledge in the minds of employees has no value for management. It must be explicit, and logistics can supply the department and employees with relevant expertise in a demand-oriented manner.

The company management asks employees to make their implicit knowledge explicit and record it in awareness and training programs to make it available to other employees. Duthler Associates mainly focuses on the following types of programs:

  • Company management makes employees aware of the need to change and perpetuate knowledge.
  • Employees attend training courses to prepare for the successful implementation of changes in business processes.
  • Employees undergo training to fulfil specific roles.

Knowledge management benefits from unambiguous semantics, unambiguous definitions of concepts, coherence of concepts and language. Lack of knowledge and change management allows for semantic misunderstandings, resulting in different dialects at odds with company morals, language and culture.

How can knowledge and change management be organised?

Organising knowledge and change management to organise business activities effectively is a permanent agenda item for the company management. The need is increasing, but structurally and effectively organised knowledge management successes are often lacking.

We limit ourselves to knowledge and change management to effectively organise business activities. Knowledge is fixed in language, symbols and metaphors. The management wants employees to internalise and apply relevant knowledge in a dosed manner when effectively organising business activities.

Different scenarios are applicable for every organisation and perhaps for every department. Therefore, we like to start the conversation by mainly listening to what drives you and your employees.

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