Using MYOBI’s Trust Infrastructure and Trust Services, Duthler Associates provides Smart contracting and Smart compliance services. Smart management makes contract management possible.

Duthler Associates

“We are focused on optimizing and further rationalizing your corporate legal function. The quality of your legal position will improve. The annual costs go down. Sometimes with around 30%.

Our IT services and legal models are applied in the life cycles of drafting, executing and managing contracts. This way, your legal function can be organized more effectively and cost-effectivel”.

First Lawyers

First Lawyers uses the MYOBI trust infrastructure. MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party, providing a trust infrastructure with the necessary building blocks that enable this contracting process.

First Lawyers has developed contract portfolios that optimize the corporate legal function by trained internal employees or external legal professionals.

MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and ensures that companies and persons maintain control over their company and personal data.