Professional service providers, such as lawyers, accountants and IT Auditors, recognize the potential of the trusted network and develop and manage trusted services. Business users buy the trusted services because they can make operational business processes more effective and cost-effective. For companies, there are clear business cases.

The following trust services are available:

  • LEM next is a series of trusted services that use LEM’s basic functionalities. Work is underway on the Manual of Authority;
  • Smart contracting is an initiative of Duthler Associates and First Lawyers and aims to optimize Legal Operations of a company; and
  • Smart compliance focused on organizing the company compliance function.


“We are focused on optimizing and further rationalizing your corporate legal function. The quality of your legal position will improve. The annual costs go down. Sometimes with around 30%.

Our IT services and legal models are applied in the life cycles of drafting, executing and managing contracts. This way, your legal function can be organized more effectively and cost-effectivel”.

First Lawyers uses the MYOBI trust infrastructure. Through the MYOBI network, contracts are offered and accepted from the perspective of an organisation’s business processes, the pre-contractual phase is irrefutably recorded, contracts are electronically signed by both parties and certified and guaranteed by MYOBI.