The Rules of engagement MYOBI

MYOBI services such as a notary, information broker, and participation in the information ecosystem is subject to obligations. MYOBI facilitates you in being able to control your personal and company data. The ability to control gives you a grip on your data, who can view and use it and on the consequences of utilizing the data.

All users and participants, including limited users of the MYOBI service who are not paying for the information ecosystem of MYOBI, can exercise control over their data if everyone in the ecosystem complies with the rules and demonstrates compliance. The TTP-policy maintains the rules of engagement. You accept these rules when you register with MYOBI in a smart contract. You will find a summary of the rules. Rights can only be derived from the text of the TTP-policy itself.  

Most important rules of engagement

  1. Under the conditions of the TTP-policy, you will receive a license from MYOBI on the trust infrastructure, trust services and information ecosystem. You enter into a three-year agreement with MYOBI.
  2. The annual advance payment consists of on the number and type of licenses as well as the expected hours to spend and hourly rates. MYOBI makes the actual use of services, fees charged and payments made visible in the user’s PDS.
  3. A non-paying user also receives a PDS, but can only view and sign contracts. For this, the user has access to the trust service smart contracting. If the non-paying user concludes more than five contracts, MYOBI charges the applicable fees. Before that moment, you will receive a message from MYOBI that you indicate to MYOBI via a Request for Service (RfS) whether and which trust services you want to use and at what cost. By agreeing to the TTP-policy, you give MYOBI permission for an automatic collection of the monies owed.
  4. You are responsible for providing the correct data to MYOBI. You keep your personal and company data up to date and correct them if necessary. If you are a company, you are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the assignment of roles to permissions.
  5. You take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful use of your PDS and other MYOBI services.
  6. As a company, you are accountable for compliance with the TTP-policy. You state your level of compliance in an Accountability Seal. A company demonstrates compliance in the Accountability Seal register.
  7. MYOBI manages, among other things, the trust infrastructure, pursues the service levels of the SLA, develops and manages trust services, and notarises and stores contracts concluded at the request of the parties. MYOBI accepts no liability for the suitability of contracts.
  8. MYOBI stimulates interoperability between users in the information ecosystem by managing and prescribing the use of data definitions and standards.
  9. MYOBI manages the Legal Policy Framework, which specifies applicable laws and regulations and the Accountability Seal register.
  10. MYOBI takes appropriate measures against falsification and theft of data.

Structure TTP-policy

  • TTP agreement
  • TTP genaral terms
  • Personal and Company Data Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement
  • TTP method
  • Accountability Seal Policy
  • Privacy & Security Baseline
  • Mediation rules.

In the event of a conflict, the document, as mentioned above goes beyond the lower said document. By agreeing to this document, you agree the TTP-policy.

MYOBI is a trusted third party and ensures that companies and individuals can control and direct their data.