Demonstrate compliance

To be confident that data can be shared securely, companies need to be accountable for their compliance with legal data protection and information security obligations. These legal obligations are part of the agreements under which they share data with each other. These agreements are included in the TTP policy. Part of the TTP policy is the relevant generic baseline and the Accountability Seal policy.

In the Accountability Seal register, companies state that they demonstrably comply with agreements made and what their maturity level is. They can have the maturity level confirmed by MYOBI.

Use generic baseline data protection and information security

Use of Accountability Seal register based on a self-declaration

Apply maturity levels to your company specific situation

Have self-declaration confirmed by MYOBI and publish it in the Accountability Seal register

Frequently asked questions

The Accountability Seal is an application that allows a MYOBI organization to provide external accountability for his or her level of compliance with this TTP policy, and for extensions to comply with specific legislation, policies and contracts for specific areas of interest. Organizations that carry the Accountability Seal are transparent about the level of compliance that users of MYOBI and society can expect. Read more.


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MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and ensures that companies and persons maintain control over their company and personal data.