Organising Accountability

Users of the MYOBI Trust Network make agreements with their partners (e.g. customers, employees and suppliers) about processing each other’s company and personal data. In consent and processing agreements, partners record the rights and obligations.

Users of the Trust Network expect their partners to be compliant with legal and contractual obligations and to demonstrate this. Company users need a generally accepted compliance approach, and a baseline to organise this effectively and cost-effectively. MYOBI provides this with:

  • Accountability Seal Policy incorporating the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR; and
  • to organise accountability for compliance with obligations of data protection and information security.


The implementation of the TTP policy and, in particular, the Accountability Seal Policy, which includes the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR, requires MYOBI’s constant attention (see the Timeline). The Accountability Board has its dynamics in implementing the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR. Click on the themes:

Timeline, compliance approach

In collaboration with chartered accountants and IT Auditors from Duthler Associates, MYOBI has developed a practical and cost-efficient compliance approach for a company. MYOBI applies this approach to the MYOBI Trust Network for organizing accountability for compliance with the TTP policy (mainly aimed at data protection and information security). Users of the MYOBI Trust Network can expand the approach for their own company-specific needs.


MYOBI users have united in an Association. Anyone who is a business (not prospective) user of MYOBI automatically becomes a member of the Association. The Association contributed to the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR and asked MYOBI to facilitate the application of this Code of Conduct by organizing the accountability process.

Dispute resolution

Partners conclude contracts in which they agree on rights and obligations. Sometimes a partner fails to fulfil its obligations, and a dispute arises. High costs and the loss of a partner often accompanies the finishing of the disagreement. Quick and decisive response prevents escalation of the debate. MYOBI facilitates its users with a practical and cost-effective method of dispute resolution based on mediation.

Areas of applications

Organising accountability is a challenge for companies. Organizing mutual accountability in a network of cooperating partners is virtually impossible. The legislator requests bilateral accountability in certain areas.

MYOBI, in the role of a trusted third party, facilitates companies in organising their internal and external accountability.

Central to this is a practical compliance approach focused on compliance with the obligations from the TTP-policy, MYOBI Code of Conduct GDPR and other legal and contractual obligations.

A further explanation has been elaborated in a factsheet.

Easily broaden the scope:

Become a MYOBI user.

Accept the TTP policy and start the Trust Services.

Frequently asked questions

Use the button for joining MYOBI Trust Services.

Accountability for the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR, as part of the TTP policy, is a result of joining to the MYOBI Trust Network. Costs for connecting MYOBI depends on turnover, number of employees and entities.

MYOBI service desk or account management. They answer questions or can refer you to professionals in the field of organising accountability.

On the MYOBI Trust Network, you get current baselines in your Information ecosystem. The Information ecosystem also provides access to:

–  The basic functionalities for legal entity framework (LEM). You can manage the legal and functional organization;

– The essential features of smart contracting. A contract portfolio with consent and processing agreements enables the user of the network to control and direct the processing of company and personal data;

– The basic functionalities of smart compliance. Access and use of baselines that are in line with the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR; and

–  You receive access to your e-learning tenant with training for LEM, smart contracting and governance and compliance.

You can look for an expert yourself who meets the requirements of MYOBI or you can ask MYOBI to put you in touch with an expert.

Yes, your accountant/auditor can rely on the work you have done for your Accountability Seal and on the Accountability Seals of your partners. The DPO confirms your self-declaration, and MYOBI performs likelihood tests. Accountability Board supervises the compliance approach and acts when the TTP Policy is compromised. Your accountant/auditor will likely perform some audit work of his own to determine that he can rely on your self-declaration. You can significantly reduce the costs of compliance efforts and audit with your accountability work.

The representative of the company with the right role and authority can request professional help with the button “need support”.

Do you have more questions? Please contact the MYOBI Service desk or account management via +31 0(70) 362 18 07 or

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MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and ensures that companies and persons maintain control over their company and personal data.