Trusted Entity Management

MYOBI Legal Entity Management (LEM) makes it possible for individuals and companies to share their data with other individuals and companies under direction.

This is done in such a way that they can rely on each other’s identity. With LEM, they manage both their own company data and that of their partners.

They also manage the structure of their corporate family with LEM. This creates clarity about how their corporate family is built and which organizational units are involved. 

Manage own company data

MYOBI offers its users LEM with which its own legal structure can be managed in LEF using data from authentic sources.

Management of the legal and functional structures of organizations

Management of the business and personal data of partners (suppliers and customers)

Managing the powers of roles and assigning them to individuals

Frequently asked questions

Legal entity management is a tool to manage the legal risk associated with the organization’s corporate form. Legal entity management is a set of practices and tools to identify and manage corporate risk early when it is easier to handle.

In short, capital interests, control and profit rights can lead to a different formal structure of entities. It is essential for the making of agreements that the cohesion between entities of a company is clear. This also applies to the representation powers of a person at a company.

A company wishes to present its company and personal data up-to-date and reliable to its partners (employees, customers and suppliers). It is about the cohesion of the entities of the company and the authorized representatives of persons / employees. An important argument for using MYOBI services is that the company can expect that such data will also be obtained from its partners.

When we enter into a relationship with a partner, we expect that we will receive from the partner the same data that we provide to the partner: company and personal data and relevant stories. As the partner belongs to a group, we also belong to a group.


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MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and ensures that companies and persons maintain control over their company and personal data.