Personal Data Store

Individuals and companies control their data using a Personal Data Store (PDS). These data concern personal data and personalized company data. They themselves determine who may have access to which data. They record this in a consent contract that they conclude with MYOBI.

Some data sets are intended for users who have agreed to the TTP policy. Other data sets will be intended for certain persons or companies with certain activities, and yet other data sets will be intended for use by society. In this way, individuals and companies can present themselves to their own target groups.

A PDS is equipped with personal crypto keys that allow a person to authenticate and sign autographs under contracts and other documents. The cryptos keys also encrypt the data in the PDS.

An example of a PDS is a personal health environment and a personal financial environment. MYOBI applies generally accepted standards as much as possible. An example of this is MedMij system of agreements for healthcare.

Direction is not optional. Individuals and companies can exercise control because they adhere to the rules of the MYOBI TTP policy and are accountable. They trust other MYOBI users to do the same.

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