Smart compliance

By compliance we mean complying with your obligations under relevant legislation, policy and concluded contracts, and being accountable to society for this. Measures are required to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulations, internal policies and contractual obligations. Smart compliance aims to determine as effectively as possible the effective functioning of your management and security measures.

Applying smart compliance

MYOBI provides the preconditions for preparing, implementing and managing compliance activities, by:

  • Interpret legislation and record it in models;    
  • Provide context for formulating a self-declaration based on and related to the models;    
  • Deposit and publish the self-declaration or other forms of accountability.      

MYOBI has elaborated this in the Accountability Seal Policy. Companies that use smart contracting endorse the TTP policy. They thus demonstrate that they take information management seriously.

MYOBI offers certainty about the reliability of the authenticity of the identity of persons and companies, as well as their powers. MYOBI in the role of digital notary and digital broker offers certainty and evidence about deposited accounts.

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