Smart compliance

A trusted network exists by virtue of the mutual trust of the users. That confidence must always be confirmed.

That is why MYOBI asks users to be demonstrably compliant with the TTP policy; the mores or rules of the game on a trusted network.

All this is further elaborated in the Accountability Seal Policy of the TTP policy. The management of a company does this with the help of a self-declaration that is published in the Accountability Seal Register.

The data protection officer (DPO) confirms – whether or not – the self-declaration and MYOBI carries out a test.

What is smart compliance?

How to use smart compliance?

Areas of application

The process that results in a self-declaration is a form of smart compliance. As mentioned earlier, data protection baselines for information security have been compiled on the basis of legislation and best practices.

The baselines have been developed in such a way that maturity levels can be determined, and the text of a self-declaration has been prepared.

A company can request Duthler Associates to develop and implement an integrated compliance approach if desired.

A further explanation of the application areas has been elaborated in a the factsheet.
Smart Compliance

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