MYOBI Trust Services

On the MYOBI Trusted Network, professional organisations manage trusted services. Users of the trusted network use these services to optimise business processes.

The following trust services are available:

  • Extensions to the basic functionality of Legal Entity Management (LEM), LEM next;
  • Smart contracting aimed at optimally supporting the company legal function; and
  • Smart compliance focused on organising company compliance function.

Companies use the information ecosystem to purchase the services. The service desk and account management will be happy to help you with, for example, the creation of a business case.

Overview Trust Services

Legal Entity management

The information ecosystem incorporates basic LEM functionalities. With the help of LEM, a company creates insight into its organisation and that of its partners. An information ecosystem is created.

Smart contracting

Smart contracting is the basis for the contract life cycle. Our partners map out the relevant legislation and work it out in legal frameworks that then form the structure for sectoral and company-specific contract portfolios.

Smart compliance

Organizing accountability of compliance with legal and contractual obligations is supported by smart compliance. Smart compliance aims to make and maintain the company’s compliance function productive.

Through MYOBI Service Desk you can get in touch with account management and or professionals of the responsible organizations. The support may consist of:

  • Presenting a demo, using processor agreements and showing baselines;
  • Discussing the outline of a business case;
  • Acting as a sparring partner in presenting the business case;
  • Providing presentations to the management; or
  • Professional exchange of views on implementing and maintaining legal operations and compliance function.

Become a MYOBI user.

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Frequently asked questions

Join the MYOBI Trusted Network and click on the trusted services you want to purchase.

The costs for trusted services can be found on the websites of our partners. Visit Duthler Associates and First Lawyers.

MYOBI service desk or account management. They can refer you to professionals who have been appointed.

Trained professionals from Duthler Associates and of First Lawyers. Using the information ecosystem, you ask for professional help on call with the button:  “need support”.

MYOBI Trust Network authenticate the identity of entities and persons and their powers.

Provides electronic signatures and notarizing and safeguarding documents.

Allow control and direct personal and company data.

The representative with the appropriate authority can use the information ecosystem to enable additional and trusted services with the “Request for Service” button.

The representative has insight into the use of trusted services: by whom, for what and how much.

Do you have more questions? Please contact the MYOBI Service desk or account management via +31 0(70) 362 18 07 or

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MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and ensures that companies and persons maintain control over their company and personal data.