MYOBI Trust Services

Companies and individuals can register with MYOBI as a user. After acceptance of the conditions of MYOBI, a process of onboarding follows. Here MYOBI establishes the authenticity of the user’s identity. It also establishes a one-time relationship between the person and their representative authority and the legal entity of the company.

Companies and individuals can have MYOBI sign contracts and other agreements that users make with each other and deposit them. For example, there can never be any discussion about the content of the agreements made and a company has its closed contracts together in one place.

Use of the Trust Infrastructure

MYOBI creates and manages an integral and interrelated structure of data definitions, also known as a taxonomy of data definitions, for users of the Trust Infrastructure. This is necessary for users to be able to share company and personal data.

Signing, authenticating and depositing documents

Companies and individuals can apply an electronic signature via the Trust Infrastructure and offer or amend, sign, and manage contracts to their partners for negotiation or not. The Trust Infrastructure uses the basic platform of Microsoft Azure.

Frequently asked questions

MYOBI manages the trust infrastructure and provides trust services in accordance with the TTP policy.

MYOBI facilitates partners to develop trust services on this trust infrastructure and to facilitate users of MYOBI to purchase the services. One of the trust services is smart contracting from Duthler Associates and First Lawyers and another is smart compliance from Duthler Associates. MYOBI fulfills the role of notary for these trust services.


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MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and ensures that companies and persons maintain control over their company and personal data.