Joining the trust network

The licenses depend on the annual turnover. Our model is that the large organisations carry the small organisations. Three contracts notarized is free of charge and provide the user limited services. Full services require a license fee.

Why join the Trust Network?

  • MYOBI enables more certainty about the identity of your partners and provides your partners with more certainty about you and your company;
  • As an user of the MYOBI system you have more certainty that the persons who negotiate and sign contracts are authorized to do so;
  • MYOBI users are provided with electronic credentials which can be used to digitally sign contracts and agreements within the Trust Network; and
  • You will have access to a strictly controlled and safe environment which is suitable for transacting and concluding contracts.

Limited Service

  • TTP policy, the rules of engagements on the Trust Network.
  • Authentication identity of the company and person, electronic signature on the Trust Network and notarised documents.
  • Control and direct your company and personal data.
  • Company-specific e-learning environment (tenant) with basic training for protecting personal data and information security for a maximum of 3 person.

Full Services

A license fee depends on the annual turnover of the legal corporate family (MVS = 1). The company admin provides annual turnover information to MYOBI, and the service desk checks the information with authentic sources (deposited annual accounts). The service desk can overrule fee of a company by keying in the annual license fee.

Daily, MYOBI charges the user’s current account with the monthly license fees and costs usage (contract). License period three years and in advance six months’ notice to cancelling the license. On-demand, a user composes a charge/payment oversight.

What services do the paid user get?


Turnover to €1 million
  • Access for 10 people on e-learning.
  • Self-declaration confirmed once every three years.


Turnover to €10 million
  • Access for 60 people on e-learning.
  • Self-declaration confirmed once every two years.


Turnover to €20 million
  • Access for 120 people on e-learning.
  • Self-declaration confirmed once every year.

Request a quote

Turnover up to €20 million
  • Discuss which features and specifics benefit you most.
  • Create a custom quote tailored to your requirements.

MYOBI engages compliance professionals of Duthler Associates to perform the users’ plausibility test, draw-up the findings and concludes the confirmation of the Accountability Seal. The scope of the plausibility test for companies with a turnover above 20 million depends on the maturity level of these companies. It will be a tailor-made arrangement, the license fee.

Frequently asked questions

Join the MYOBI Trusted Network and click on the trusted services you want to purchase.

The costs for trusted services can be found on the websites of our partners. Visit Duthler Associates and First Lawyers.

MYOBI service desk or account management. They can refer you to professionals who have been appointed.

Trained professionals from Duthler Associates and of First Lawyers. Using the information ecosystem, you ask for professional help on call with the button:  “need support”.

MYOBI Trust Network authenticate the identity of entities and persons and their powers.

Provides electronic signatures and notarizing and safeguarding documents.

Allow control and direct personal and company data.

The representative with the appropriate authority can use the information ecosystem to enable additional and trusted services with the “Request for Service” button.

The representative has insight into the use of trusted services: by whom, for what and how much.

Do you have more questions? Please contact the MYOBI service desk  via +31 0(70) 362 18 07 or