What is the Accountability Seal?

The Accountability Seal is an application that allows a MYOBI organization to provide external accountability for his or her level of compliance with this TTP policy, and for extensions to comply with specific legislation, policies and contracts for specific areas of interest. Organizations that carry the Accountability Seal are transparent about the level of compliance that users of MYOBI and society can expect.

All organizations use the logo with the text “Accountability Seal” from MYOBI to be transparent about and to express their maturity level of compliance with the TTP policy. MYOBI issues the Accountability Seal and also withdraws it if there is reason to do so.

The Accountability Seal has a dynamic character. By clicking on the logo via the MYOBI website, the level of maturity is displayed, and any information about a reconfirmation of the self-declaration by MYOBI. The organization can determine which information about the organization and the achieved (and the aspired) maturity level is shown to whom. Information about compliance with the TTP policy is always shown to everyone.

What are the preconditions?

The Accountability Seal is only issued to an organization if the following conditions are met:

  1. The user is an organization, as defined in the TTP terms and conditions;
  2. The organization concerned at least complies with the TTP policy;
  3. The organization in question is accountable for the degree of compliance with the TTP policy by means of a self-declaration.

MYOBI can withdraw the Accountability Seal when:

  1. The organization demonstrably does not (no longer) comply with the TTP policy;
  2. The organization concerned withdraws its self-declaration; and
  3. MYOBI finds that, after the request for reconfirmation of the self-declaration, it has insufficient grounds to reconfirm the self-declaration.

The Accountability Seal, which can be accessed via the MYOBI website, always provides basic information about the maturity level of compliance with the TTP policy for the protection of personal data and information security. It is possible that the organization extends the scope of the Seal to, for example, compliance with other laws and regulations, contracts, policy or other areas of attention.

Information about this will only be provided to users or shared with users if the relevant organization has given permission to these users. Such information is always accessed via the personal data store (PDS) of the relevant users.


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