Control and direct your own personal and company data

Information ecosystem

By using MYOBI Trust Network, you create your own information ecosystem and manage your personal and company data. You can determine (you are in charge) which data may be used by whom. Conversely, you can also access data from your partners (persons or companies) under someone else's direction. You are responsible for the accuracy of your data, others are responsible for the accuracy of their data.

For companies

Persons control and direct their data. If a company needs these personal data for business operations, the company will make agreements with the persons about the use. A company also makes arrangements with individuals on behalf of another company about the use of company data. A company can organize its internal processes more effectively if there is more certainty about the reliability of the company and personal data.

For individuals

A person exercises control over his (or her) data. You have a grip on your personal data and therefore on your freedom.

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Legal Entity Management

Using legal entity management (LEM):

  • companies manage their own personal and company data; and
  • companies make agreements with their partners about sharing their data.

An Information Ecosystem is developing, in which the company obtains certainty about the identity of companies and their representatives. The company gains insight into its relationships with other companies and their partners. Of course, MYOBI makes it as easy as possible by making business data available from authentic sources (e.g. the Dutch Chambers of Commerce).

Users of the Trust Network – as a collection of Information ecosystems – get to grips with their data. In doing so, they organise the preconditions for freedom and the guarantee of continuity of the business activities. They can also set up their business processes more effective and cost-efficient.

Organising Accountability

The MYOBI Trust Network facilitates company users to be accountable for organizing compliance with legal and contractual data protection and information security obligations.

The Accountability Seal Policy, as part of the TTP-policy, which includes the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR, is a starting point for organizing accountability. Preparations are being made to have the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR approved by the supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP).

MYOBI offers companies more certainty about the expectations of the supervisor. The expectations offer the opportunity to organize the desired compliance effectively and cost-efficiently


Companies use the information ecosystem to purchase the services. The service desk and account management will be happy to help you with, for example, the creation of a business case.

The following trust services are available:

  • Extensions to the basic functionality of Legal Entity Management (LEM);
  • Smart contracting aimed at optimally supporting the company legal function; and
  • Smart compliance focused on organising company compliance function.

On the MYOBI Trust Network, professional organisations manage services. Users of the trust network use these services to optimise business processes.

Accountability Seal Register

The management of a company justify themselves for complying with the TTP-policy, and in particular the MYOBI Code of Conduct GDPR, in a self-declaration. In the self-declaration, the leadership indicates the company’s maturity level for data protection and information security with an Accountability Seal. MYOBI lists the Accountability Seal in the Accountability Seal Register.

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