We are a Trusted Third Party

MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) that manages a trusted network, enables companies to manage their information ecosystem, and facilitates trusted services and other services. Those services give companies and persons control over their company and personal data and allows them to share their data with others in an agreed manner.

Companies and individuals who want to use the MYOBI Trusted Network and Trusted Services accept the TTP policy; the mores or the rules of the network. MYOBI plays the role of digital “notary” and digital “broker” and manages the semantics of data definitions.

MYOBI is a stand-alone company. The shares are held by a trust office foundation. MYOBI is registered in the trade register of the Chambers of Commerce under number 65258878. The VAT number is NL856040575B01.

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Service desk

The service desk handles all frequently asked questions and comments. Contact with customers can take place effectively and quickly because the service desk has MYOBI Messaging.

Account management

We offer tailor-made solutions for companies with a turnover of more than € 20 million. We are delighted to talk to you and hear about your needs.


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