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Comply with the (legal) accountability obligation

What does the compliance approach entail?

We can say that the compliance approach is aimed at a periodic (at least annual) accountability of the company management about the organization of compliance with legal and contractual obligations, in particular the TTP policy. effectively complies with the company’s legal obligation (Article 5(2) of the GDPR) and at the same time fulfills the obligations of the TTP policy. It is an explicit audit of compliance with the assurance statement of results. An assurance statement from a Chartered Accountant from an EDP Auditor is not required.

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Why is the accountability seal important?

A company must comply with legal accountability and also wants to demonstrate that it is demonstrably fulfilling its contractual obligations. In addition, a company will want to protect its reputation and inform its partners about the reliability of its business and personal data.

It is relevant that a business user periodically accounts for the effective protection of company and personal data. Conversely, the business user’s partner also wishes to be informed about the degree of protection of his business and personal data.

An Accountability Seal, which is established periodically by the company management and is included in a freely accessible register, provides the necessary functionality to provide that information. Society (for example partners, persons, supervisors and third parties) gets an impression of the quality of the business and personal data managed by a company.

How can I organize the Accountability Seal?

A company uses the MYOBI compliance approach for accountability. In doing so, the company organizes its compliance with legal and contractual obligations in the field of data protection, in particular the TTP policy, which includes the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR. This compliance approach aligns with other common accountability obligations and follows a proven process.

In discussions with company management, department management and other employees of the organization, MYOBI’s compliance employees refer to the compliance process described here.

Every year, MYOBI helps business users with this compliance approach. She facilitates the compliance process that ultimately results in an Accountability Seal. MYOBI records the Seal and publishes it on its website. The responsibility for meeting accountability rests with senior management and management. The DPO of the company confirms the outcome of the justification by the company management. MYOBI helps with methods, techniques and a process. The compliance professionals perform a plausibility test aimed at reconfirming accountability.

What is the Association AIE?

The users of information ecosystems have united in the Association of participants in an Information Ecosystem (AIE). Anyone who is a business (not aspiring) user of the trust network automatically becomes a member of this association. VIE has contributed to the development of the TTP Code of Conduct GDRPR. MYOBI has included the code of conduct in the TTP policy and facilitates companies to organize the application of this code of conduct in the accountability process.

What is the compliance approach?

In recap, the MYOBI compliance approach consists of: A quality pallet focused on confidentiality, re…