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What is the compliance approach?

In recap, the MYOBI compliance approach consists of:

  • A quality pallet focused on confidentiality, reliability, and company and personal data availability. Of course, the pallet also contains accountability – the ability to account for the effective functioning of the control and security measures taken, incorporated in business processes through which management effectively organises business activities.
  • A dynamic collection of standards centred on the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR and related legislation and guidelines.
  • A widely accepted compliance approach that results in a corporate accountability statement and confirmation by the data protection officer. The company management complies with its accountability obligation to society by publishing an Accountability Seal in a register on the MYOBI website.

The compliance approach is aimed at a management’s periodic (at least annual) accountability for organising compliance with legal and contractual obligations, particularly the TTP policy. With this, the company management effectively complies with the legal accountability obligation (Article 5, second paragraph of the GDPR) and at the same time with the responsibilities of the TTP policy. It is expressly not an audit of compliance that produces an assurance statement. An assurance statement from a Chartered Accountant or an EDP Auditor is not required by law.

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