Control over company and personal data

Using MYOBI offers the user the opportunity to present themselves and to know partners in an effective, easy and cost-efficient way.

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Why use MYOBI?

A further explanation of the application areas has been elaborated in a the factsheet.

Choose your plan

Do you want to become a user? Then you must first register and then purchase a license plan.

This can be done via the system under ‘licenses’.


  • Up to 3 contracts
  • Authentication of the identity of the company and its representatives.
  • Generic baselines for data protection and information security.
  • Electronic signature and filing of documents.
  • Managing your own personal and company data.
  • Company-specific learning environment.


  • All functionalities of a standard user.
  • Organising tasks, powers and responsibilities in the company.
  • Manage the corporate family based on authentic sources.
  • Generic processor agreements with smart contracting.
  • Using the accountability seal register on the basis of a self-declaration.
  • Self-declaration confirmed.


Turnover to €1 million
  • Access for 5 people on e-learning.
  • Self-declaration confirmed once every three years.


Turnover to €10 million
  • Access for 10 people on e-learning.
  • Self-declaration confirmed once every two years.


Turnover to €20 million
  • Access for 15 people on e-learning.
  • Self-declaration confirmed once every year.


Turnover from €20 million
  • Request a quote.

Frequently asked questions

Joining the MYOBI Trust Network is easy. Go to ‘register‘ and fill in the form. After that, the MYOBI service desk will give you access your the information ecosystem.

Login with your username and password and get started.


The licenses depend on the annual turnover. Our model is that ‘the large organisations carry the small organisations’. 

Three contracts notarised is free of charge and provide the user limited services. Full services require a license fee.

See for more information: ‘licenses‘ and ‘professional services‘.  Of course, you can ask the service desk and account management for a quote.

You can consult with the MYOBI service desk or account management. They can refer you to professionals who have been appointed.

Using the information ecosystem, you ask for professional help on call with the button:  ‘need support’. Your request will be processed and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

A professional who can help you with legal or compliance issues will contact you.

MYOBI authenticate the identity of entities and persons and their powers. Provides electronic signatures and notarizing and safeguarding documents. And, allow control and direct personal and company data.

The user with the appropriate authority can use the information ecosystem to enable additional and trusted services with the “request for service” button.

Do you have more questions? Please contact the MYOBI service desk  via +31 0(70) 362 18 07 or

Trust Network
André Biesheuvel

What is the Trust Network?

Mind Your Own Business Information, or MYOBI for short, facilitates individuals and companies to exercise control over their personal and company data. The sequence ‘persons

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