"My partner has invited me to become a user. Why?"

In other words:

  • My partner has invited me to become a user of the MYOBI Trust Network. Why? What is my added value? Answer: registration is free of charge, it establishes partners’ trust and a business relation;
  • I’ve signed the TTP policy and consider using MYOBI Trust Network’s services for business operations. What is the business case, and how do I get it? Answer: visit the landing page, contact sales and start using the system; and
  • How to extend the added value? Answer: add our applications and invite support.


  • Partners’ due diligence
  • The comfort of knowing that I deal with a partners’ representatives
  • The protection of my reputation
  • The up-to-date partners’ overview
  • No partners’ costs for the first three contracts and complete support.
What are the trust services?

MYOBI facilitates companies with trust services. The trust
services are built on the following foundation.

A further explanation has been elaborated in a the factsheet.

In addition to legal requirements, the Trust Network also meets the specific needs and obligations of the TTP policy, in particular, the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR.

The Standardisation Board (SB) selects common data sets and applies them in conjunction with MYOBI’s services.

Companies comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and can use the Trade Secrets Protection Act against intellectual property infringements. Companies need proof that engaged suppliers/processors and employees/data subjects also comply with legal and contractual obligations

MYOBI has set up the Accountability Board (AB) to monitor compliance with the TTP policy, particularly the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR. To this end, the AB commissions investigations from users and MYOBI
to determine that the Code of Conduct requirements are met. If necessary, the Accountability Board can impose sanctions.

Each user receives a digital signature. A person uses their digital signature to sign the TTP policy and other agreements and documents on the Trust Network

Partners on the Trust Network exchange the data encrypted using their digital signature, which minimises the likelihood of the data being lost.

MYOBI provides partners with encrypted messaging.

As a TTP, MYOBI fulfils both a role as a notary and the broker’s position on the Trust Network. MYOBI notaries and deposits documents, contracts, and the pre-contractual phase on behalf of users in the notary position. The parties have compelling evidence with certified documents.

In the brokerage role, MYOBI grants access to specific data and data sets on behalf of users.

Successfully realising the added value of using the Trust Network and/or professional services that apply this network requires companies’ employees to raise their awareness and knowledge to take the propersteps. This is no different from well-organised business activities and or the implementation of results of change processes.
An information ecosystem user manages the company’s formal (legal) and functional structure with Legal Entity Management (LEM). The formal hierarchical structure consists of a holding company and subsidiaries and consists of organisational units, departments and roles
With layered services, MYOBI allows its users to benefit from the Trust Network. The services consist of: MYOBI Service des, training programs and legal or compliance support.

View our license prices and packages here.

To be able to use our applications, companies will have to register. By becoming a user, the company can purchase additional applications and solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Joining the MYOBI Trust Network is easy. Go to ‘register‘ and fill in the form. After that, the MYOBI service desk will give you access your the information ecosystem.

Login with your username and password and get started.


The licenses depend on the annual turnover. Our model is that ‘the large organisations carry the small organisations’. 

Three contracts notarised is free of charge and provide the user limited services. Full services require a license fee.

See for more information: ‘licenses‘ and ‘professional services‘.  Of course, you can ask the service desk and account management for a quote.

You can consult with the MYOBI service desk or account management. They can refer you to professionals who have been appointed.

Using the information ecosystem, you ask for professional help on call with the button:  ‘need support’. Your request will be processed and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

A professional who can help you with legal or compliance issues will contact you.

MYOBI authenticate the identity of entities and persons and their powers. Provides electronic signatures and notarizing and safeguarding documents. And, allow control and direct personal and company data.

The user with the appropriate authority can use the information ecosystem to enable additional and trusted services with the “request for service” button.

Do you have more questions? Please contact the MYOBI service desk  via +31 0(70) 362 18 07 or servicedesk@myobi.eu

Trust Network
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