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How does the trust network work?

The reason for a request to participate in the Trust Network usually lies with a company that already uses the Trust Network. This company wants to obtain certainty from the (potential) partner about the reliability of its data and therefore invites this partner to participate in the network via MYOBI.

The company asks MYOBI to authenticate the identity of the partners’ entities and representatives. MYOBI does this by, among other things, checking the identity of the partner based on data from authentic sources such as those of the Chambers of Commerce (KvK) and other public sources.

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André Biesheuvel

André Biesheuvel

André is de bedenker van Mind Your Own Business Information (MYOBI). Hij heeft de dienstverlening en de organisatie van MYOBI uitgewerkt en operationeel gemaakt. André is de directeur van MYOBI B.V.