Control and direct your own personal and company data

Information Ecosystem

You create your own information ecosystem and manage your personal and company data. You can determine (you are in charge) which data may be used by whom.

For Companies

Persons control and direct their data. If a company needs these personal data for business operations, the company will make agreements with the persons about the use.

For Individuals

A person exercises control over his (or her) data. You have a grip on your personal data and therefore on your freedom.

Joining the Trust Network

To be able to use the services, companies will have to register. By joining the trust network, the company administrator can purchase additional and professional services.

Professional Services

Through the Trust Network, partners offer various professional services. These services can be consulted below.

Organising Accountability

The Trust Network facilitates company users to be accountable for organising compliance with legal and contractual data protection (GDPR) and information security obligations. MYOBI offers companies more certainty about the expectations of the supervisor.

Legal Entity Management

Knowing yourself and your partners are preconditions for doing business, collaborating and processing data. Using LEM companies manage their own personal and company data and companies make agreements with their partners about sharing their data.

Smart Contracting

By using smart contracting, a company is organised more effectively towards employees, suppliers and customers and more cost-efficiently (savings between 20% – 30% of the current operational costs for contracting and contract management).


Creating a company-specific e-learning tenant on which training courses are available for privacy, compliance and legal operations.

Accountability Seal Register

The management of a company justify themselves for complying with the TTP policy, and in particular the MYOBI Code of Conduct GDPR, in a self-declaration. 

In the self-declaration, the leadership indicates the company’s maturity level for data protection and information security with an Accountability Seal. 

MYOBI lists the Accountability Seal in the Accountability Seal Register.

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