Control and direct your own personal and company data

Information ecosystem

By using MYOBI Trusted Network, you create your own information ecosystem and manage your personal and company data. You can determine (you are in charge) which data may be used by whom. Conversely, you can also access data from your partners (persons or companies) under someone else's direction. You are responsible for the accuracy of your data, others are responsible for the accuracy of their data.

For companies

Persons control and direct their data. If a company needs these personal data for business operations, the company will make agreements with the persons about the use. A company also makes arrangements with individuals on behalf of another company about the use of company data. A company can organize its internal processes more effectively if there is more certainty about the reliability of the company and personal data.

For individuals

A person exercises control over his (or her) data. You have a grip on your personal data and therefore on your freedom.

Legal Entity Management

Under the direction of companies and individuals, they share their data with other companies and individuals. This requires that they have certainty about “who is who” and “who can do what”.


Companies demonstrate compliance with legal and contractual obligations regarding the processing of (company and) personal data. They are accountable.

Trust services

MYOBI Trusted Network offers persons and companies the preconditions for managing personal and company ánd personal data under their direction. MYOBI service offers generally accepted baselines, an accountability arrangement and data definitions. MYOBI provides electronic signatures, authentication of the identity, a smart contracting portfolio for processing and consent contracts and notarizing the agreed contracts.

About us

MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and operates the MYOBI Trusted Network.

Accountability Register

With an Accountability Seal, companies demonstrate to society that and with what maturity level they are compliant with legal obligations and best practices.

Against this background, they value the data to which individuals and companies have differentiated access or which they receive.

In the Accountability Seal Register, the management of the company publishes the level of compliance. Based on work done, MYOBI re-confirm the Accountability Seal.


MYOBI is a trusted third party and ensures that companies and individuals can control and direct their data.


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