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Service desk

The service desk facilitates the registration process of companies. The initiative for registration can come from a company that wishes to register a partner on the trust network or a company that wishes to register itself. The service desk authenticates the identity of a company and its legal representative and links to this the company administrator role in the information ecosystem and in the company-specific learning environment.


Support from the service desk to users of the trust network includes:

  • sharing knowledge through the functional and business knowledge bases
  • managing frequently asked questions (FAQ);
  • collecting functional and business user suggestions;
  • answering questions and providing background information. Of course, the service desk can refer to account management and suppliers of professional support;
  • solving incidents and malfunctions;
  • registering companies, legal representatives and partners on the MYOBI Trust Network, linking the legal representative to the role of company manager of the company-specific information ecosystem and the company-specific learning environment. Then activate these applications by giving the company administrator the appropriate privileges;
  • organizing the Accountability Seal and the plausibility tests and managing the Accountability Seal Register; and
  • answering questions about, for example, licenses and debtor management.

It is an extensive range of services that the service desk provides to users of MYOBI and their (potential) partners.


Feel free to contact the service desk on +31 (70) 362 18 07 or More information about the service desk, see here.