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Role and Requirements  

For developing the MYOBI Trust Network, trust services and applications, we search for a committed IT person with knowledge of and experience applying .Net and who is prepared to work with CodeOnTime.  

The MYOBI Functionality Board prepares, in collaboration with the operation and IT, user stories, and IT accomplishes the user stories project-based using a DevSecOps approach and step by step. After each step, IT and the operation test the functionalities and decide on taking the next step.  

The IT specialist builds and manages valuable services for the Trust Network users.  

Standardisation Board  

In collaboration with the Contract Board, the Standardization Board develops and maintains taxonomies that include data definitions. As a member of the Standardization Board, IT manages the taxonomies, makes them available on the Trust Network, and unlocks authentic and corporate sources of company and personal data.  

See knowledge base for the Contract Board’s and Standardization Board’s duties, . 

Applying taxonomies  

MYOBI uses taxonomies for a variety of applications. In essence, we are exchanging company and personal data with holders of authentic sources such as the Chambers of Commerce and popular business systems such as accounting systems, CRM and other business systems.  

Performing in a proactive team  

We are looking for a respected member of our team. Someone we can rely on. Someone who likes that Trust Network users experience added value. Someone is proud of his work.  

Knowledge and knowledge building are essential. We expect a technical college or university level with relevant experience. Enthusiasm and systematic work are also important qualifications for functioning in a multidisciplinary team.  

The teams are composed internationally, and the language is English.  

Are you interested?  

If you feel involved in what we do, if you are sincere and enterprising, please contact us on +31 (0) 70 362 18 07 or servicedesk@myobi.eu.