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Governance & compliance

The management focuses on the effective managing of the Trust Network as described in the TTP policy. The management adopts the annual plan of the compliance head every year. The compliance head broadens the scope of the compliance approach to all business activities of MYOBI and carries out the necessary work. Every six months, the compliance head reports on the findings and additional control measures to be taken. Annually, the management prepares its accountability for organising compliance with legal and contractual obligations. The compliance head confirms the accountability and, if desired, so does the DPO. Accountability and plans for the new year is the report management publish as part of the Accountability Seal.

Legal Operations

MYOBI uses smart contracting to organise its corporate legal function to manage its business activities effectively. The Contract Board maintains the contract and playbook items in MYOBI’s company-specific contract library. If necessary, MYOBI will consult professional support when entering obligations.

Registering business users

All users sign the TTP policy. Periodically, the Contract Board performs maintenance on the TTP policy and MYOBI presents the adjusted TTP policy to the users at fixed change times.

Human Resources

Human Resources uses the contract and playbook items to enter into agreements with employees and manage the obligations arising from these agreements.MYOBI certifies and deposits the agreements and outcomes of the management of the rights and obligations. MYOBI will keep these accessible up to and including seven years after the termination of the employment contract.

Purchases of products and services

MYOBI uses products and services from suppliers to manage the trust network. Before MYOBI makes agreements with suppliers, MYOBI conducts supplier surveys, formulates functional specifications, carries out selection processes and organizes effective contract management. For an effective organization, MYOBI uses smart contracting and a company-specific portfolio with the contract and playbook items.

When purchasing products and services, MYOBI is inspired by frameworks from De Nederlandsche Bank:

Financial impact

The business office records the financial impact of the agreements made and is responsible for organizing compliance with legal and contractual financial obligations.