smart contracting

Legal professionals support companies in optimising their corporate legal operations with the help of smart contracting.

By applying smart contracting, a company is organised more effectively towards employees, suppliers and customers. It also delivers savings (between 20% – 30% of the current operational costs for contracting and contract management).

What do you get?

A further explanation of smart contracting has been elaborated in this factsheet.

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In order to be able to use the services, it is necessary for companies to register. As a MYOBI user you also have access to professional services, such as smart contracting and facilitating the organisation of compliance.

Frequently asked questions

First of all you need to register. After you have gone through the registration process, you can select the smart contracting service in your environment.

If you have not (yet) purchased a license, your company can make limited use of the trust network and smart contracting. You can participate in a maximum of 3 contract processes and cannot initiate contract processes.

The license fee is based on the annual turnover of a company:

  1. Turnover up to € 1 million pays € 49 per month;
  2. Turnover up to € 10 million pays € 125 per month;
  3. Turnover up to € 20 million pays € 300 per month;
  4. Turnover from € 20 million must request a quote.

The legal professionals of Duthler Associates and / or the attorneys of First Lawyers will be happy to support you. You can contact us directly.

You can also consult our service desk.

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