Smart contracting

Legal professionals, like First Lawyers and Duthler Associates, support companies with the optimisation of the corporate legal operations by using smart contracting on the MYOBI Trusted Network. This is a way of organising the corporate legal operations, making smart use of technology.

By applying smart contracting, a company is organised more effectively towards employees, suppliers and customers and more cost-efficiently (savings between 20% – 30% of the current operational costs for contracting and contract management).

What is Smart contracting?

By mentioning several topics, we will give an impression of what smart contracting is.

How can i use smart contracting?

Medium and large companies apply smart contracting more strategically and tactically with the aim of optimising the results of the corporate legal operations.

Areas of application

Legal operations are made an integral part of all business processes and no longer stands alone. Legal operations consist of a number of cycles: managing the contract portfolio, organising contracts and contract management aimed at fulfilling contract obligations and making use of contractual rights.

The services consist of smart contracting, the training of employees and the provision of professional services.

A further explanation of the application areas has been elaborated in a the factsheet.
Smart Contracting

Smart contracting concerns:

Frequently asked questions

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