Smart contracting

With smart contracting you organize and strengthen your corporate legal function in an effective and cost-efficient manner. MYOBI provides the preconditions:

  • Persons and companies that apply smart contracting endorse the TTP policy. They take information management seriously. Their personal and company data is reliable;
  • MYOBI provides certainty about the authenticity and identity of persons and companies as well as about the authority of persons representing companies;
  • MYOBI certifies closed contracts, like a notary does, so that parties have irrefutable proof of agreements made.

What do you get?

You get a license to use contracts, contract types and contract portfolios including on-call legal support. The amount of the license is determined by the number of contracts, the contract types and the contract portfolios.

The license includes a two-hour consultation per year, in which lawyers and / or attorneys work with you to determine whether the contract portfolios are suitable for your company and sufficiently company-specific. If necessary, they can make the contract portfolios and contracts company-specific. They can also assist you in any contract negotiations. For this you make a request for legal support.

Contract life cycle

The service covers the entire life cycle of agreeing, fulfilling, expiring or dissolving contracts.

Changes in contract types

You will be informed if contract types have been changed in response to, for example, case law or new legislation. If so desired, you can transfer contracts already concluded, of course only if your other party agrees.

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