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Why participate in a Trust Network?

Participating in a trust network offers added value to companies and individuals. We list the main arguments:

  • The desire of companies and individuals to control their data and thus do business in freedom.
  • Comply with European and national data protection legislation (the European General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR and the Trade Secrets Act, WBB).
  • Organize business activities effectively and cost-efficiently.

The nature and size of the business activities and the extent to which the business processes, in which control measures are included, effectively support the business activities, determine the size of the added value. The management often has an impression of the quality of the internal organization of the business activities. Therefore, it can estimate how this organization can absorb internal and external changes.

At every level of the internal organization, the company management can organize activities more effectively with reliable data from partners. Those company partners can also do this if they have reliable data from the company itself.


Feel free to contact us. We also have webinars available to participate in.

André Biesheuvel

André Biesheuvel

André is de bedenker van Mind Your Own Business Information (MYOBI). Hij heeft de dienstverlening en de organisatie van MYOBI uitgewerkt en operationeel gemaakt. André is de directeur van MYOBI B.V.