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Meet the new Trust Network

MYOBI has renewed the systems of the trust network. New legislation and interpretations of existing legislation make innovation necessary. In addition, the users of the trust network request trust services and applications on the trust network. We have accepted the challenge and implemented the innovations. We took the opportunity to re-establish the information provision with functional and business knowledge bases, webinars, blogs, awareness and training programs and a proactive service desk. The totality of services and applications results in value propositions, business cases and action plans for the user of the trust network.

In this blog we discuss important innovations for users of the trust network. It does not have to be the case that the innovations mentioned are also important to you. We therefore refer to the MYOBI website, to follow webinars and the corporate knowledge base for more information.

Controlling your own company and personal data

Every company wishes to present itself with company and personal data to a partner (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.) if the partner does so. It is a form of reputation management and “know your partner”. In the company-specific information ecosystem on the trust network, a reputation manager maintains his own company and personal data. The company can make agreements with a partner about the disclosure of this data. We call this directing.

Directing goes further for trade secrets and the protection of personal data. Two important points are:

  • Business secrets are special business information. The company management wishes to make agreements with partners about keeping the company secrets confidential. This is possible if the obligations under the Trade Secrets Protection Act (TSP) are demonstrably met; and
  • The legal obligations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) apply to the protection of personal data.

Making agreements is good, but meeting accountability for organizing compliance with legal and contractual obligations aimed at protecting data and secrets is better. See Accountability Obligations.

Trust services, indispensable tools

With the renewal of the trust network, a variety of practical trust services have emerged under the operation of the TTP policy. See the knowledge base for an overview of the trust services. A brief explanation of the trust services:

  • My partner knows me and I know my partner. Authenticating the identity, during the registration process on the trust network, MYOBI authenticates the identity of the company and the representative;
  • Systematically collecting compelling evidence. Electronic signing, under the TTP policy, partners can agree contracts by signing them with their electronic signatures;
  • Ensuring the authenticity of contracts and documents. Certification and deposit of documents, MYOBI certifies and deposits documents and contracts under the operation of the TTP policy;
  • Facilitate data interoperability or data portability. Management of data definitions, on the trust network, MYOBI manages the data definitions related to legislation and or affiliated with implementing bodies charged with managing authentic registers; and
  • Management makes a statement about data quality. Accountability for organizing compliance, contractual agreements gain value for society as partners about the effectiveness of control measures, which ensure that data is confidential, reliable and available, and accountable.

The trust services are essential for safeguarding the value propositions of the users of trust network and applications, in particular the smart contracting application.

The smart contracting application that allows any organisation to effectively organise its legal operations

Duthler Associates and First Lawyers maintain the smart contracting application on the trust network. With the help of smart contracting, every company organizes its corporate legal function (in English, Legal Operations). See the knowledge base for smart contracting applications.

Questions or more information?

Are you interested or have questions about MYOBI, the trust network and/or the applications? Feel free to contact sales via +31 70 362 18 07 or Do you want to register your company? Then click this link.

André Biesheuvel

André Biesheuvel

André is de bedenker van Mind Your Own Business Information (MYOBI). Hij heeft de dienstverlening en de organisatie van MYOBI uitgewerkt en operationeel gemaakt. André is de directeur van MYOBI B.V.